Whether you're a bar, restaurant, night club, grocery or convenience store our beer portfolio is bound to meet your every need. Briggs is proud to represent a wide selection of over 80 domestic, craft and imported beer brands in both on and off premise establishments. Our knowledgeable sales team is focused on building relationships with you by offering a variety of services including draft service, staff trainings, category management and brand education. We are here to help support and grow your business.

Beer Sales Manager: Charlene Magargal

Briggs Distributing represents over 300 wine brands that produce more than 2,000 products from a wide selection of regions across the world. So whether you are a fine wine shop, restaurant, bar, convenience or grocery store our portfolio will satisfy any customer's palate. Our wine sales team is dedicated to helping our customers better understand our vast portfolio and all that the world of wine has to offer.

Wine Sales Manager: John Salyer

Our non-alcoholic portfolio offers only the best products from each category. Briggs represents a number of energy drink, water, juice and mixer products including Red Bull, Snapple, Talking Rain and several others.

Non-Alcoholic Sales Manager: Bill Burgess