We understand that the retail business is competitive and fast-paced, and that service, quality, and timeliness are crucial. Every day we hold ourselves accountable to deliver top-quality merchandise when you need it. We have the experience and expertise, logistics, and support tools you need to become a profitable beverage destination for consumers.



Our sales representatives are our "feet on the street." Our team is responsible for building profitable relationships with hundreds of different retail accounts, from large chain stores to the corner pub. Because our beverage portfolio is large and diverse, it is so important that we remain knowledgeable about our brands and the best techniques for displaying each product to attract local consumers.

Beer Training
Great beer service starts with fundamentals. All of our sales representatives have completed the Certified Beer Server Exam in the Cicerone® Program. Our team is educated about product attributes and local consumer trends and work to educate retail staff who interact directly with consumers about the breweries we represent.

Wine Training
We also have a talented wine sales team. In conjunction with Montana State University Billings, Briggs conducts and participates in wine training that includes profile assessment, tasting, and pairing. Our wine team also conducts onsite training as well as on premise training for our accounts to help develop and maintain strong relationships with the customers we service.

The more we know about our products, the better we can help you sell them in your account. We enjoy sharing our passion for the beverage business with our valued customers, it's why we do what we do!

We know you depend on us for knowledge about top selling brands, but we know that you also expect your orders to arrive on time and in good condition. From storing and loading, to transporting and delivering, Briggs provides the personnel, storing facilities, and equipment needed to ensure that the freshest product reaches consumers.



The delivery team ensures that all products are delivered to you at the right time and in good condition. Drivers are responsible for leaving your coolers in a clean and orderly manner, ensure that inventory is rotated properly, and assist in building displays.

Our merchandisers work in a selection of stores to maintain the stock and promotion of our customers' beverage products. They assist customers, drive sales of the products we represent, and make sure inventory and stock rotation takes place on a regular basis.

Draught Line Cleaning
Clean beer lines are crucial to maintaining the quality and safety of draught beer. Our full time draught technician team installs, cleans, and maintains every keg line that we represent in our market. All of our technicians are trained to ensure that the appearance, aroma and flavor experience is delivered to consumers pour after pour.

Category Management
The goal of category management is to choose and display beer in a way that maximizes profitability for the retailer. Briggs has a dedicated employee trained in space planning technology. By analyzing sales data, we can design shelf sets that will help you grow sustainable category sales, increase shopper basket sales, drive more foot traffic, and improve customer satisfaction.

Using our route accounting software, our office staff can generate any type of report you may need to help evaluate your beverage business performance and make profitable decisions based on real time sales data. These reports are available at your convenience by accessing the customer web portal or by request with your salesperson.

We make significant investments in marketing resources that help us create measurable growth for the brands we represent. Our in-house print shop produces all kinds of marketing material including banners and point-of-sale items that help promote brands to consumers at the retail level.

Giving Back
We are also proud to be a dedicated supporter of our community. Giving back to the community through local sponsorships and events has widely contributed to the success of the company and our employees.



How do I set up an account with Briggs?
We look forward to building a profitable relationship with you! To get started, please send your beverage license to our office team at sales@briggsdistributing.com.

Upon receiving these documents, you will be assigned a Briggs sales representative who will cater to your needs and notify you of delivery and payment details.

What is on sale or being promoted right now?
If you are an existing customer, you can login through our customer portal to view current promotions.

If you are not signed up, please contact the main office at 406-294-2337 for your login and password information.

When do seasonal beers or specialty beverages come in?
Your salesperson will provide the most accurate information about seasonal and specialty items. You may also refer to our suppliers' websites for information.

Please keep in mind, not all beverages will be available in our market, regardless if the brand is distributed here or not.

My beer isn't pouring correctly from our taps. What do I do?
One of our trained draft technicians can address the problem, but here are a few ways to troubleshoot on your own: Downloadable PDF resources for troubleshooting, draft system cleaning (use Brewers association resources)

I am catering an event, can I rent draft and storing equipment from Briggs?
Yes! We can assist with your event needs, take a look at our equipment list and rental fees here. Please reach out to your salesperson for availability.