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We strive to be your valued partner in the Montana beverage business. Regardless of the size of your brewery, winery, or non-alcoholic beverage operation, we are your brand ambassadors. We value our partners and go the extra mile for every single brand in our portfolio.

Service Areas
Briggs distributes beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages to seven counties in Central Montana:
  • Yellowstone
  • Big Horn
  • Carbon
  • Stillwater
  • Musselshell
  • Wheatland
  • Golden Valley

Trained Sales Team
Our sales representatives are our "feet on the street." Our team is responsible for building profitable relationships with hundreds of different retail accounts, from large chain stores to the corner pub. This allows our supplier partners to focus on making great products. We are experienced in talking with local retailers about a diverse range of products and the best techniques for displaying each product to attract local consumers to new brands.

Education and Expertise
Great beer service starts with fundamentals. All of our sales representatives have completed the Certified Beer Server Exam in the Cicerone® Program. Our team is knowledgeable about product attributes and local consumer trends and work to educate retail staff who interact directly with consumers about the breweries we represent.

We also have a talented wine sales team. In conjunction with Montana State University Billings, Briggs conducts and participates in wine training that includes profile assessment, tasting, and pairing. Our wine team also conducts onsite training as well as on premise training for our accounts to help develop and maintain strong relationships with the customers we service.

The more we know about our products, the better our sales will be. We enjoy sharing our passion for the beverage business with our valued customers, it's why we do what we do!

Quality Assurance
At Briggs, we have one certified quality assurance manager dedicated to post-supplier quality, including evaluation of operations at our own facility, retailer facilities and consumer safety and education. Briggs' quality manager along with a handful of other employees performs ten quality audits in select accounts each month. This includes evaluating the proper management of product practices, facilities and equipment, warehouse temperature, beer draught maintenance, and the rework and repack of product.

We make significant investments in marketing resources that help us create measurable brand growth for our suppliers. Our in-house print shop produces all kinds of marketing material including banners and point-of-sale items that help promote brands to consumers.

Giving Back
We are proud to be a dedicated supporter of our community. Giving back to the community through local sponsorships and events has widely contributed to the success of the company and our employees.

Our retailers depend on us for knowledge about top selling brands, but they also expect their orders to arrive on time and in good condition. From storing and loading, to transporting and delivering, Briggs provides the personnel, storing facilities, and equipment needed to ensure that the freshest product reaches consumers.

Using our route accounting software, our office staff can generate any type of report you may need to help evaluate your beverage business performance and make profitable decisions based on real time sales data. These reports are available at your convenience by accessing the supplier web portal or by request with your salesperson.

Our team is committed to building profitable relationships with our partners by delivering the right brands at the right price, right now!

For 9 consecutive years, Briggs has gained market share points over our competitor. Our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our suppliers and customers is at the center of everything we do.

"From day one, we've always used our wholesale partners for distribution. And I think that is a very large reason of our success in the state of Montana and throughout the western United States."

Bjorn Nabozney, Big Sky Brewing

"Our growth, because of our relationships with distributors, absolutely exploded. So that frees us up to concentrate on other aspects of the business, which is brewing."

Nolan Smith, Operations Manager - Philipsburg Brewing Company

"It really makes me more comfortable to concentrate on what's going on here at the brewery and not worry about what's going on in the marketplace."

Tim Mason, Head Brewer - KettleHouse Brewing Company